Sunday, September 19, 2010

Contest time!

Super Kawaii Mama is holding a contest. Basically, design an outfit based off of four images that inspire you. Here is my contest entry!

This is much more difficult than I would have imagined. I kind of picked images from my "inspiring images" folder. All of these images are things that I generally base my wardrobe around. I love anything that's pink and sparkly, and anything that's steampunk. I had to change many of the images due to lack of sources, all images are from flickr.

Pink champagne on ice


Cleptopod by

the way to Wonderland

So here's the outfit I came up with. The dress is very feminine, the fabric is sheer and the tiers on the bottom and the rose pattern make the dress incredibly feminine. To bring the other images together I added green thigh high socks, some feminine combat boots, and wore two belts to help integrate the steampunk and feminine vibe.

Dress: Nordstrom BP
Braided Belt: rummage sale
Plain Belt: American Apparel
Tights: DKNY
Socks: via Sock Dreams
Boots: Steve Madden via Shoe Mall
Earrings: Unknown, gift from aunt

Whould this be complete without a hipster-like photo? No.

I'm such a creep. Recently though, I've cut and dyed my hair (myself), it was a miracle in didn't end up a disaster. Every so often I cut my hair and it looks terrible, but that's what you get for trying to save money. I should mention that I really love these socks because with some skirts they can be pulled up high enough to look like tights, and because they're so long they can also be bunched up and worn at the knee (like they are in the photo).